Christina Papadimitriou

Global Service Architect & Accessibility Specialist (IAAP CPWA)
Atos Information Technology GmbH

Speaker Name

I work as Global Service Architect for Accessibility for more than a year. I am part of the Atos Global Inclusion core team focusing on Product Development, Innovation and Patenting in relation to accessibility and inclusion. I work closely with Partners, Customers and Startups on innovative topics around Accessibility. I organize events and innovative competitions like challenges and/or hackathons in relation to accessibility and inclusion. I also provide consultancy including webinars and trainings on technical topics and organization adaptation to accessibility. In the past I worked as Product Owner and for more than 14 years as Software Engineer. I am board member and co-organizer of GreeceJS one of the biggest and oldest tech communities in Greece which focuses on JavaScript topics and anything related to front-end development. I have 3 submitted patents, and one in progress of being filed and I have been invited guest on several meetups and conferences, as well to a PMI podcast, to talk about my expertise mostly on accessibility.