Heiko Tullney

Director of Creative Innovation in Human first Product & Service Design Development
Indeed Innovation GmbH

Speaker Name

Heiko is the creative mentor and connector between and within the INDEED departments. He leads and stimulates the creativity process and execution of diverse product, services and user experiences. From front end innovation strategy over to industrial, service and experience design onwards to engineering he cares about the holistic user centred development approach. Heiko holds a University Diploma in Industrial design and is an accomplished model maker and carpenter trained at Volkswagen AG. Being also professionally educated in “design management” and “pro-ject management”, Heiko combines hands on expertise and strategic thinking within international projects round the globe. He is active on business strategy and innovations management, user research and insight generation, leads co-creation processes as well as creating impactful designs and meaningful aesthetics within the design thinking process. As a plus he has also a deep understanding of production and assembly processes as the overall link to mechanical engineering and production.

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Vortrag Design im Zeitalter von VR, KI, IOT

Heiko Tullney Indeed Innovation WUD 2017