Marcel Semmler

Managing Director Digital (Product & Operations)
Bauer Media Group

Speaker Name

Hi, I'm Marcel Semmler, a leader and innovator passionate about shaping the future of product management, leadership, and digital transformation. My career has spanned various product and leadership roles at allyve, etracker, and Bauer Media Group, where I've focused on promoting a product-driven culture and implementing customer-centric strategies. Beyond corporate leadership, I actively coach and guide potential founders to transform their innovative ideas into successful ventures. As a speaker, blogger, and online course creator, I am dedicated to sharing insights on leadership and nurturing a thriving product culture. Join me in unlocking the potential of innovative product management and positively impacting the digital world.

Typ Title Speaker(s) Company Year
Vortrag 'Content’ is King, but it is nothing without ‘Structure’, the badass Queen

Marcel Semmler Bauer Media WUD 2019
Vortrag The Shared Product Mindset as the next level of the innovation-driven organization

Marcel Semmler Bauer Media WUD 2017