Winald Kasch

Berater Für Organisationsentwicklung, Gründer OrgaNeo

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Winald has been involved with the topic of "Living Company", practically and theoretically, since 2009. As managing director of FORTIS IT-Services GmbH, he and his colleagues designed and accompanied a change process towards a dynamicrobusy and agile company. The focus was on a high level of autonomy and self-organization of teams, a consistent orientation towards customers and value creation, and a focus on successfully dealing with surprises and values. In the course of this, FORTIS has received various employer awards, "Hamburg's Best Employer" and "Great Place to Work". Since 2013, Winald has been sharing his experience on this topic with others as an advisor, coach and speaker and regularly publishes for trade magazines. In his working life, Winald has worked as a director, manager, product manager and project manager, among others at SAP AG, PRODWARE Deutschland AG and FORTIS IT-Services GmbH.

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Winald Kasch WUD 2015