09. November 2023

WUD 2023 in Hamburg: 09. November 2023

Just like every year eparo organizes the Hamburg World Usability Day in 2023. We will stick to the online format once again. It is just so much easier to organize than a real event.

Focus topic: Collaboration and Cooperation

Regarding the focus topic, the German UPA writes:
*In order to solve the world's biggest problems, we all need to work together. In 2023, we will focus on collaboration to create solutions, both globally and locally. Let's connect our work to the big problems facing our world and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS).


The program is ready. We will have 16 presentations and 9 workshops. This is a new record. We have added a third track on accessibility.

Program for the WUD 2023 in Hamburg (Last change: 25.10.2023

As always: The Feedback-Wall

Review of the WUD 2022 in Hamburg

We had 10 really good presentations and in addition 6 workshops. Many presentations picked up on the focus topic "Our health". This year we used airstream as a conference platform. This way there was much more exchange between the participants and also the Speakers Corner after each talk was interactive and with real questioners.

We enjoyed the WUD 2022 in Hamburg very much and are already in full preparation for 2023.

Working products

What is World Usability Day?

As a worldwide day for usable (digital) products, World Usability Day will again be held (digitally) in Hamburg in 2023. Organized by eparo since 2007. This year's focus topic: "Collaboration and Cooperation".

We usually have 8-10 talks and 5-8 workshops in Hamburg. Completely free of charge, because it is financed by sponsors and a lot of volunteer work goes into it.

The German UPA coordinates all events in Germany.

The organizers of the WUD 2022 in Hamburg

User Research with love!

Our focus is on user-centered product discovery, user research and UX testing. Our drive: create perfect products - in a team and always with the user in focus. And that's exactly why we host the Working Products Conference every year. Our interest: We bring customer and user understanding into the product teams - permanently and sustainably.






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